Settling IN

TNES brings the life of expats in The Netherlands up and running. We help offering a comprehensive range of customized relocation services. For example: helping to decide where to live - downtown, suburban or a countryside life; assisting in finding a (temporary) house or apartment; setting up utility contracts; information on doctors, sports clubs, facilities nearby; municipality registration; opening bank accounts; (health)insurances; driver’s license exchange; partner support; childcare assistance; school assistance - local versus international school.

Cultural Guidance

TNES also offers cross-cultural coaching based on an outside-in view of the Dutch, Taking it beyond cultural stereotypes and tourist-guide tips. We focus on behavior & culture in the Netherlands in relation to other cultures to make expats quickly feel at home. Examples: do’s and don’ts, eating & drinking; social matters; holidays; politics & economy; working and private life.

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